Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Costco Deal

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 already went onto sale and carriers are also present with their promotional deals. The deals from all the carriers are very lucrative. But, if you have a look at Costco’s deal, this is the best of all. Here is the deal from different carriers:

AT&T: Buy one get one free (if you buy the Note 9, the duo wireless charger will be available free).
Verizon: Buy one get one free. The deal is the same as AT&T.

Sprint: 50% off 18 months lease.

T-mobile: 50% off with trade in devices.

But, all these carriers require a two-year contract. Yes, the users are required to sign up for a two-year service. Or else they need to open a new line of service. And that should be kept open for two full years to get the full money back.

But, Costco will not tie the users in any contract. Rather its an instant fulfillment. The full money will be in your hands within two-three months of buying the phone. They are offering the phone with a great $500 off on the retail price with a qualifying trade-in the device. However, the discount will vary depending on the device.

They are offering two types of discount, $250 and $500. Anyways, you need to buy the Galaxy Note 9 on T-mobile through Costco. Also, you should have a Costco membership.

Mostly the newer device trade-in will help you get $500 off the retail price while the old trade in the device will offer $250 off. So, visit the nearest store with your old Samsung devices and win the best deal from Costco.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is in high demand as this is the last Note from Samsung. They have already announced of canceling this series now.

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