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MSpy Pros:

  • mSpy is amongst the first few mobile spy apps that were available a decade ago when smartphones weren’t even a reality.
  • mSpy is reliable and affordable. The app also comes in basic and premium packages like XNSPY, which you could get for $8.33/month and $16.67/month, respectively.
  • mSpy also works with desktops, providing an all-around mobile spying experience.
  • You can also get mSpy Mobile Family Kit that consists of three premium mSpy subscriptions.
  • mSpy also offers social media monitoring from nine different IM apps; if you want to spy on Snapchat or Telegram, go with mSpy.
  • mSpy is primarily a parental control app, so its application blocker is quite famous. Just like XNSPY, you can use mSpy to block stock or third-party apps on the monitored devices of your kids.
  • mSpy provides detailed reports about the monitored person’s cell phone use. This feature is very useful when you are going to monitor different devices simultaneously.
  • You can view all the multimedia files stored on a mobile device.
  • mSpy offers an additional keylogging feature that’s not available on XNSPY. With this, you can monitor keystrokes and access passwords, search phrases, etc.

MSpy Cons:

  • The customer support is 24/7, but it’s not great. The support team has limited product knowledge, and they usually rely on prewritten messages.
  • mSpy is expensive. XNSPY’s full-year premium subscription is available for $149, while mSpy costs $199.
  • You can’t spy Instagram or Kik using mSpy.

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