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  • XNSPY is fairly a new mobile spy app, but it’s still equipped with all the latest spying features like remote commands, No-Jailbreak spying, etc.
  • XNSPY is pretty easy to use for a mobile spy app. The online dashboard is very intuitive, and all the feature tabs are self-explanatory.
  • You can use XNSPY to monitor phone logs, like calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries, contacts, etc. With XNSPY, you can spy on all incoming, outgoing and missed calls, along with the relevant date, time and address stamps.
  • Location tracking is an essential spying feature. It has to be fast, reliable and real-time. XNSPY has close to 100 percent accuracy and updates location very quickly on the online dashboard.
  • A prominent and impressive feature on XNSPY is its Watchlist Alerts that you could use to get alerts on specific words, contacts, emails, and locations. These instant alerts could make spying a lot of easier, saving you the time and trouble of sifting through hundreds (or even thousands) of phone logs. It can also help you get your hands on some valuable information in time.
  • XNSPY is an affordable mobile spying app. It has 30+ features, and all of them make sense. The basic package starts from $8.33/month while the premium package starts from $12.49/month.
  • XNSPY also has extensive social media monitoring features. With this app, you can spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, Tinder, Skype. Viber, Line, and Kik. You can monitor shared instant messages and multimedia on select apps.
  • If you are looking for a spy solution that you could take with you anywhere, XNSPY is the only app that provides an app for its online control panel that you could download onto your Android devices and monitor on-the-go.
  • If you are using XNSPY mobile spy app to monitor your kids’ cell phone activity, you can use XNSPY App Blocker to restrict them from using apps that may not be suitable for them.
  • XNSPY offers valuable aftersales, including a helpful customer support team.
  • You can use XNSPY to wipe data off a cell phone remotely and even lock it.
  • You can record calls and surroundings which are a powerful and much-wanted mobile spying feature.
  • You can also take a remote screenshot.


  • The live chat facility isn’t 24/7.
  • The app is only compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Expensive monthly package.

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