Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Huge Discount on Ebay

Samsung has launched their latest flagship Galaxy Note 9 just a few days back and it already went onto to sale. So, if you have planned on owning one it’s time for that. But, you will be happy to hear that this smartphone is available at a greatly discounted rateeBay is the retailer that is offering the basic version at 7% discount.

Galaxy Note 9 is priced at $999 and $1249 for the two versions respectively. And the discount is available for the basic model.

Grab Samsung Galaxy Note 9 At Huge Discount From eBay

eBay is offering $70 off on the Galaxy Note. So, you can buy the phone for $930 now. The model number of the discounted phone is SM-N9600. So, this is the unlocked international dual-SIM variant.

You can use it only with the GSM carriers like T-Mobile or AT&T. It will not work in the CDMA. The base model of Galaxy Note 9 comes with 6GB RAM128 GB storageSnapdragon 845 processor and most importantly the powerful 4000mAH battery.

Another interesting deal is also available on eBay. In case you are not ready to pay $930 one at a time, eBay can come to your rescue again. If you have a Paypal Credit, then eBay will sell the phone for 24 months installment$45 per month is the charge which can be afforded by most of us.

Samsung has also introduced the Superfast wireless charger along with the Galaxy Note 9. And the best part is this charger too is available at 17% discounted rate in eBay. The charger is priced at $119.99. And the retailer is offering $20 off on it.

So, pay just $100 and grab the charger to charge your Galaxy Note and Galaxy Watch altogether.

There is no shipping charge and they will deliver the phone in just 3-4 days. So, it is probably the best time to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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