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How to Hide Files on Android

If You want to hide important or sensitive files on your android device, then it is very easy to hide files on Android. While a password or fingerprint security is nice, an extra layer protection is always a good idea. Our first and main suggestion would be File Hide Expert App. It may not have the best user interface or loads of features, but it gets the job done quickly and easily.  You may download File Hide Expert from Google Play Store. See Also : How to Hide Photos and Videos in Android Smartphone

It works like most file managers. You can simply navigate through all of the files or folders on an Android device. Just select which ones you want to hide (or unhide) and hit go. It’s extremely easy. Technically this works for any file type, including photos, but its best with files. We like that it’s extremely easy to use, and instantly removes anything from folders or the gallery in seconds. Remember to head into settings and add a password, otherwise users can open the app and see everything. That’s our only complaint.

Another is a program simply named Hide Files. It too, does a little of everything, but hiding files with a simple to use interface is this apps specialty.

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