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How to Hide Photos on Android

A question for which we search often is how to hide photos or video on Android. Everyone’s been in that position where you hand over your phone to show a friend a photo, and they start flipping through your gallery.

Luckily for you, and for whatever the reason may be, hiding photos on Android is extremely easy. Some phones even have the option to add a password or fingerprint to the gallery. If not, there are several apps that do exactly that.

Our favorite would have to be KeepSafe. It’s also highly recommended and received an Editors’ Choice Award on the Google Play Store.


KeepSafe basically creates a digital vault on Android where everything is private and secure. It’s mainly for photos. Everything is encrypted and hidden behind a PIN code for security. There is even an option to backup files to the cloud, if you ever switch or lose phones.

Many use it for photos, but it’s also great for work, pictures of ID and debit cards and much more. It’s absolutely free, and there are premium features for those willing to spend $4.99 on the app. Like disguising the icon so others don’t know you’re actively hiding photos, or break-in-detection if someone enters the wrong pin too many times.

Other excellent options are apps like Vaulty, or Gallery Vault. Gallery Lock is also an old favorite that many use. Most of these apps protect video too.


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