Most Safest Airlines and Most Dangerous Flights

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Of all the airlines that have resumed operations in India, IndiGo has emerged as the safest airline, during flight operations amidst Covid-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a situation in the world where safety and hygiene are of utmost importance everywhere we go, especially while traveling in the company of numerous other people.

Safe Travel Barometer Ranks IndiGo #1 Safest Airline In India; GoAir Comes In Second

As per the Safe Travel Barometer, IndiGo is the safest airline to travel in India in these COVID-19 infected times.

IndiGo is the largest airline in India and has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 as per the Safe Travel Barometer. The Safe Travel Barometer is the “world’s most comprehensive database for COVID-19 traveller health and safety protocols.”

In August the Safe Travel Barometer announced its world rankings for the first time, in which, they had claimed that Vistara was the safest in the entire Asia Pacific. The airline had a ranking of 4.4, which went down to 4 in just over a month’s time. Whereas, the rating of IndiGo was 4.0 in August. This shows that the ratings are not quite dynamic.

In August, Vistara was also ranked second at a global level, just after Lufthansa which had a rating of 4.5.

As per the present rating by the Safe Travel Barometer, GoAir follows IndiGo and is the second safest airline in India. Vistara and SpiceJet have tied for the third position.

National airline Air India has a score of 3.3 only.

About the changing ratings for the airlines, Safe Travel Barometer co-founder and CEO Viren Jain said, “The parameters keep evolving and new ones get added according to the information announced, or shared, by an airline.”

He said that the weightage given to any parameter varies as per its impact. Whereas, the co-founder Chetan Kapoor said that certain parameters were added later, such as onboard meals, HEPA air filters, changes to the airline cancellation and rebooking policy.

Apparently, Vistara was ranked the highest on parameters like following COVID-19 protocols such as offering masks and sanitizers for customers, and also the frequent cleaning of aircraft before/after every flight.

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