Air India’s ‘Flights to Nowhere’ Programme Joy Flights

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Inspired by the Qantas airlines, an Australian carrier, India’s very own national carrier Air India is now planning to start an initiative, under which passengers will be taken on a scenic ride across the famous destination spots in India.

The Covid-19 pandemic has not just deteriorated the airlines industry in just the past couple of months but also have left a plethora of individuals desperately wanting to resume their travel expeditions.

Air India’s ‘Flights to Nowhere’ Programme

Of late, many flyers have posted their desire to go on vacations and travel (on social media), now that the pandemic has pushed everyone to stay at home.

To address this concern, the national carrier Air India is planning to start a new initiative called the ‘flights to nowhere’ programme.

Under this programme, Air India will take the flyers on a scenic journey in what is termed as ‘joy flights’.

These joy flights will provide a low-flying experience to the passengers, with an aerial tour of famous spots in India.

In an interview with HT, an Air India official stated, “Yes, we are exploring the possibility of starting a scenic flight service. Other details are to be decided”.

Joy Rides to be a ‘Never Before’ Experience

Recently, Australia’s Qantas airlines announced starting a 7-hour long flight journey, during which passengers will be taken to attraction spots all around the country, like the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Harbour.

In a similar feat, India India too is planning to start its ‘joy flights’, which it has claimed to be something never experienced before.

They believe it to be welcomed by Indian flyers. According to an AI official, the airplane decided to be used for this programme will be a wide-body aircraft, like Boeing 747.

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