What landing page impacts users the most MCQ Fiverr SEO Skill Test

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Question: What landing page impacts users the most?

O Contact page
O FAQ page
O Home page
O Landing page

Answer: Landing page impacts users the most


A landing page is a specific page on your website where you collect a visitor’s contact information in exchange for a resource.

A call-to-action (CTA) is quite possibly the most important element on your landing page, because it’s the lead generation tool. Every other element on the page makes it easy for visitors to your landing page to interact positively with your CTA.

Many people think that home page impacts the users the most. But it’s not true. The landing page impacts the users the most. Whether it is home page or FAQ page or contact page or any other landing page. But the winner is landing page.

The landing page is the best option for such scenarios because you want the customers to click through your ad and connect with you. You can offer a freebie, a signup bonus, or a limited-time discount in such cases. While a home page can be used for special offers, but the impact will be much higher on a landing page.

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