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​Here are some of the problems that are most common in treadmills. Let’s have look at them one by one.

1. Treadmill Display is not working

Starting by checking if the power cord of the treadmill is tightly plugged in the wall socket. In some cases, exhausted batteries can also cause this problem. Sometimes, the circuit breaker might have tripped and just needs to be reset. You can do this by unplugging the treadmill for about 1 minute. This should do the trick.

2. Treadmill’s speed is inconsistent

The first thing to check is if it is improperly grounded. Treadmills should always be plugged directly into a wall on a 20-ampere socket. Using an extension cord, surge protector/stabilizer is not recommended. Inconsistent speeds can also be caused by loose connectors connecting PCB to the motor, lack of lubrication on the treadmill belt, worn out moving parts which include the motors and the belt.

3. Treadmill Belt is Slipping

Belt can slip either if the belt is over tightened or if the belt has been lubricated recently or too much lubricant is applied. In some cases, belts just need to be re-aligned to stop them from slipping. LIVESTRONG recommends a simple rule while tightening the belt:  you should be able to lift the belt in the center on the sides by approximately 2 inches to 3 inches, if not, it’s too tight or loose.

4. Elevation Function Isn’t Working

This problem is mostly caused by loose connections. Check if all the connections from the PCB to the motor are tight and firm. Otherwise, the motor is faulty and will need to be replaced.

5.  Smell of burning is coming from Treadmill

In this case, the first thing to be done is to switch off the treadmill and unplug it. This can be caused by very high friction between the belt and the deck, a power surge causing a short in the motor, wiring or electronics. Any of these problems may lead to a fire, so you’ll need to have the problem fixed first before you continue using the machine.

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