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How to Hide Apps on Android

Hiding or Blocking access to certain apps is required many times.  Some times when we give our Smartphone to any one then we want that he or she cant see the apps on phone. Then There is an an award-winning app called AppLock comes in. It has been downloaded millions of times, and has nearly four million reviews at the moment.

AppLock works with fingerprint scanners, passwords, pin codes and more. You’ll be able to prevent people from using any and all apps. Like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messengers and more. The options are endless.See Also : How to Hide Photos


Users can prevent unauthorized access to any part of their phone with this program. It’s extremely convenient. If someone wants to borrow your phone to make a call, you can lock it right to the dialer, too. Additionally, this hides photos and videos too. Essentially it’s an all-in-one app that does everything.

Lock the settings menu, hide apps from the application tray, disable email clients and more.

Alternatively, users can disable bloatware and apps that come pre-installed on their phone too. Things like NFL Mobile, NASCAR, VZ Navigator and other things carriers or companies like Amazon install on millions of phones. This can be done with AppLock, or right on your phone by heading to Applications > the app > and hitting disable. It takes them out of the application tray too, keeping your phone clean.

You can also hide files or apps without installing any App

Owners can also use any file manager to rename any file or folder by putting a “.” in front of the name. Doing this causes most apps or Android as a whole to ignore it. Essentially hiding it from sight. It can still be found, but this is a quick tip for those who don’t want to install additional apps or pay for services.

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